New Features

Our updated designs for our 2014 bags use a new highly durable fabric known as EVA
and advanced magnetic snaps to replace the traditional snaps and Velcro on our trays.
Please call us to learn more about our 2014 product line.
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New 4-Wheel Spinners!

Our latest Easy-to-Travel with 4 wheels system bags.
Now, sales representatives can travel with ease and save energy on the go.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) - Environmentally Friendly New Display Case material

EVA is an ideal material for case construction because it is essentially non-breakable, highly scratch-resistant, and durable.
At the same time it is soft and flexible, even at very low temperatures. The manufacturing of EVA is also environmentally friendly.
It is produced pollution-free, with no toxic atmospheric emissions, no effluent wastes, no DOP, no ODS, and no foul odors.

New and improved Magnetic Snap trays!

We have marketed and tested these Magnetic Snap display trays for several years with great success.


• A lightweight and elegant design
• Easy open and close lids
• Closes snug and secure